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35th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – May 2021

GLOBE Observer App Directions [PDF]

Meeting Minutes / Presentations

Meeting Agenda [PDF]


Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Status of CERES
    • NASA HQ Update
    • CERES FM1-FM6 Calibration Update
    • MODIS, VIIRS GEO Cloud Algorithm & Validation Status
    • ADM, SARB, TISA and FLASHFlux Working Group Reports
    • Reintroducing the Cloud Radiative Swath (CRS) Product
    • Data Management Team Update: Terra/Aqua/S-NPP/NOAA-20
    • Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update
    • Outreach Update

  2. Status of Libera Project.

  3. Invited Presentations Session. Each presentation is 45 min including time for questions.

  4. Contributed Science Reports. Each report is 20 min including time for questions.

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 11
 CERES Technical Session
10:00 am State of CERES Norm Loeb
10:20 am CERES FM1-FM6 Instrument Update M. Shankar
10:50 am CERES Clouds Working Group Report B. Smith
11:20 am CERES Angular Distribution Model (ADM) Working Group Report W. Su
11:50 am Lunch
1:00 pm Surface Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) Working Group Update S. Kato
1:30 pm Time Interpolation and Spatial Averaging (TISA) Working Group: Update D. Doelling
2:00 pm Cloud Radiative Swath (CRS) Validation & Improvements to FLASHFlux via Machine Learning R. Scott
2:20 pm FLASHFlux Update P. Stackhouse
2:40 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Working Group Report K. Dejwakh
3:10 pm Break
 Libera Technical Session
3:30 pm Libera Mission Status Update and Synergy with other Missions P. Pilewskie
4:00 pm The Libera Instrument and Calibration and Characterization Concepts D. Harber
4:30 pm Motivation, characteristics, and use of the Libera wide field of view camera S. Schmidt
5:00 pm Libera’s split-solar irradiance inversion: concept and initial analysis J. Gristey
5:30 pm Libera’s Split-shortwave Measurement: Applications in Climate Studies M. Hakuba
6:00 pmAdjourn

Wednesday, May 12
 Contributed Science Presentations
10:00 am Earth’s albedo symmetry and cloudiness G. Datseris
10:20 am An assessment of climate feedbacks in observations and climate models using different energy balance frameworks A. Dessler
10:40 am Radiative feedbacks associated with ENSO variability and implications for the cloud-feedback pattern effect C. Proistosescu
11:00 am Closure and attribution of the observed variability in the Earth’s energy budget T. Thorsen
11:20 am Direct influence of solar spectral irradiance on the high-latitude surface climate X. Huang
11:40 am Why Can’t We All Just … The ‘Community-Consensus TSI Composite’ G. Kopp
12:00 pmLunch
 Invited Science Presentations
1:00 pm Constraints on Low Cloud Feedbacks From Observed Climate Variability T. Myers
1:45 pm Ocean Warming, Anchoring Earth’s Energy Imbalance G. Johnson
2:30 pm Break
 Contributed Science Presentations (Cont’d)
3:10 pm Discontinuities in GEOS-5.4.1 dataset and comparison to MERRA-2 and ERA-5 S.-H. Ham
3:30 pm Plans and progress towards GMAO’s next retrospective products GEOS-R21C and GEOS-IT A. El Akkraoui
3:50 pm Investigate the feedback mechanisms of Arctic clouds and radiation on Arctic Sea-Ice Changes X. Dong
4:10 pm Quantifying the uncertainties in CERES SYN1deg Arctic surface radiative fluxes using MOSAiC surface measurements Y. Huang
4:30 pmAdjourn

Thursday, May 13
 Contributed Science Presentations (Cont’d)
10:00 am Distinguishing aerosol effects from meteorological impacts on low cloud properties over the global ocean J. Norris
10:20 am Thin, thinner, clear-sky. – A closer look at optically thin clouds in the trades T. Mieslinger
10:40 am Updates on the VIIRS+CrIS fusion radiance product B. Baum
11:00 am Evaluation of Himawari cloud properties using shiptrack measurements over Southern Ocean B. Xi
11:20 am Updates on the two habit model optical property database: Full resolution and improvements compared to previously developed databases J. Coy
11:40 amBreak
12:00 pm CLOUD GAZE, data merging, and the Terminator project: GLOBE Clouds in 2021 B. Dodson
12:20 pm Data versus theory update M. Zagoni
12:40 pm Trend in EEI During the CERES Period N. Loeb
1:00 pmAdjourn