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18th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – October 2012

Meeting Minutes / Presentations


Meeting Agenda

Monday, Oct 22Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Princeton, NJ
9:00 am Welcome, Meeting Logistics Leo Donner (GFDL)  
  CERES Technical Session  
9:10 am State of CERES Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)  
9:50 am CERES FM1-FM6 instrument update (part 1)
CERES FM1-FM6 instrument update (part 2)
Kory Priestley (NASA LaRC)
Susan Thomas (SSAI)  
10:50 am Break  
11:20 am CERES Edition 4 Clouds Update Patrick Minnis (NASA LaRC)  
11:50 am Update on the Next Generation CERES ADMs Wenying Su (NASA LaRC)  
12:20 pm Lunch  
2:00 pm Status of the Ed4 Surface-Only Flux Algorithm David Kratz (NASA LaRC)  
2:20 pm Surface Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) Seiji Kato (NASA LaRC)  
2:50 pm Time-Space Averaging Update David Doelling (NASA LaRC)  
3:20 pm Break  
3:50 pm CERES Data Management Team Status Jonathan Gleason (NASA LaRC)  
4:20 pm Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update Lindsay Parker (SSAI)  
4:40 pm S’COOL Update Sarah Crecelius (SSAI)  
5:00 pm Adjourn
Tuesday, Oct 23
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Princeton, NJ
ScaRaB Technical Session  
9:00 am Overview of Megha-Tropiques Mission Remy Roca (LEGOS)  
9:30 am The ScaRaB-3 Instrument & Performance Nadia Karouche (CNES)  
10:00 am Break  
10:30 am Scarab, First Calibration Results Alain Rozach (CNES)  
11:00 am The Orbit of MT and Consequences for the Sampling Michel Capderou (LMD)  
11:30 am Coincidence Campaign Between CERES and SCARAB: First Results Olivier Chomette (LMD)  
12:00 pm Lunch  
GERB Technical Session  
1:30 pm GERB Project Status: An Overview Jacqui Russell (Imperial)  
1:45 pm Calibration Report, Data Status and Future Planning Jacqui Russell (Imperial)  
2:10 pm Commissioning and Operations Status Report James Rufus (Imperial)  
2:40 pm GERB X-CAL Plans Richard Bantges (Imperial)  
3:00 pm GGSPS Report: Evolution of the GERB Ground Segment Processing System Peter Allan (RAL)  
3:20 pm Break  
3:50 pm ROLLS Report: Status of GERB Level 2 Instantaneous Fluxes and CM SAF Level 3 Monthly Mean Nicolas Clerbaux (RMIB)  
4:10 pm Sunglint Filling: Status Edward Baudrez (RMIB)  
4:40 pm Composite TOA Clear-Sky Solar Fluxes for the GERB Processing Alessandro Ipe (RMIB)  
5:00 pm Cloud Detection Using SEVIRI IR Channels for the GERB Processing Alessandro Ipe (RMIB)  
5:20 pm Wrap Up and Actions Jacqui Russell (Imperial)  
5:30 pm Adjourn
Wednesday, Oct 24
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Princeton, NJ
Invited Science Presentations
9:00 am Recent Advances in Modeling Physical Processes in Climate Models: Implications for Global Space-Based Measurements Leo Donner (GFDL)  
9:45 am Global energy constraints and local variability – Insights from natural variability Stephan Fueglistaler
(Princeton University)  
10:30 am Break  
10:00 am Some Issues Related to Feedback Analyses of Climate Sensitivity Isaac Held  
11:45 am Lunch  
Contributed Science Presentations  
1:30 pm An Update on the Spectral Flux Estimation from the Collocated AIRS and CERES Measurements Xianglei Huang (U. Michigan)  
1:50 pm Variability of the TOA Flux Diurnal Cycle at Monthly Timescales Patrick Taylor (NASA LaRC)  
2:10 pm Tropical clear-sky OLR variability studies from a simple model Rodrigo Guzman (LMD)  
2:30 pm CERES Suomi NPP ERBE-like Monthly Mean Fluxes Takmeng Wong (NASA LaRC)  
2:50 pm Computing Energy Transport from Radiation Budget
Lou Smith (SSAI)  
3:10 pm Break  
3:40 pm Climate Monitoring with Earth Radiation Budget Measurements Steven Dewitte (RMIB)  
4:00 pm Cloud radiation anomalies observed by CERES Bing Lin (NASA LaRC)  
4:20 pm Cloud Radiative Forcing in the Indian Monsoon Region Bijoy Thampi (LEGOS)  
4:40 pm Cloud-Radiation Response to Large-Scale Circulation Variability Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)  
5:00 pm Adjourn
Thursday, Oct 25
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Princeton, NJ  
Contributed Science Presentations  
9:00 am Direct Aerosol Radiative Effect from C3M Dave Winker (NASA LaRC)  
9:20 am Radiative Closure of CERES TOA SSF Fluxes Over Volcanic Ash Plumes Using MODIS, CCCM and MATCH David Fillmore (Tech-X Corp.)  
9:40 am Retrieved Vertical Distribution of Saharan Dust and Comparison to Models Over the Northern Tropical Atlantic Weijie Wang (U. Virginia/SSAI)  
10:00 am Aerosol Optical Depth and Direct Aerosol Forcing Using SEVIRI/GERB Stijn Nevens (RMIB)  
10:20 am Break  
10:50 am Observations of the Net Direct Radiative Effect of Saharan Mineral Dust From SEVIRI and GERB Catherine Ansell (Imperial)  
11:10 am CERES Observations and MODIS Aerosol Retrieval in Broken Cloud Fields
Guoyong Wen (NASA GSFC)  
11:30 am Progress in CERES Clear-sky Aerosol Optical Thickness Dependent Shortwave ADM over Ocean Lusheng Liang (SSAI)  
11:50 am Status of the BBR LW Radiance to Flux Baseline Conversion Algorithms A. Velazquez (RMIB)  
12:10 pm Break  
1:30 pm CERES Ordering Tool – Highlights of Its Capabilities Cristian Mitrescu (SSAI)  
1:50 pm Aging Model for Meteosat First Generation VIS Band Ilse Decoster (RMIB)  
2:10 pm Comparisons of CERES FLASHFlux and EBAF TOA Fluxes Shashi Gupta (SSAI)  
2:30 pm TISA LW Narrowband to Broadband Radiance Algorithm and CERES Simulator Moguo Sun (SSAI)  
2:50 pm Break  
3:20 pm EBAF Surface Product Updates Fred Rose (SSAI)  
3:40 pm Overview of CERES Ed4 Multilayer Cloud Properties Fu-Lung Chang (SSAI)  
4:00 pm CERES Clouds Edition4 Validation with C3M Sunny Sun-Mack (SSAI)  
4:20 pm Macro- and Microphysical Properties of Low-Level Marine Stratus Retrieved by Ground-Based and Satellite Measurements at Azores Baike Xi (U. North Dakota)  
4:40 pm SIMBA the Nanosatellite Steve Dewitte (RMIB)  
5:00 pm Adjourn