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6th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – October 2006

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 25
UK Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom
09:00-12:00 Completion of GERB Science Team Meeting  
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Meeting Logistics, Welcome Mark Ringer, Hadley Centre
13:10 State of U.S. CCSP/EOS/CERES/NPP/NPOESS/NRC Decadal Study/A-train/ASIC3 B. Wielicki
13:50 CERES Instrument Radiometric Performance K. Priestley
  CERES Edition 3 beta Calibration Theory and Results [16 MB] G. Matthews
15:00 Break  
15:20 Status of CERES Cloud Products [30.4 MB] P. Minnis
16:05 CERES Angular Distribution Model Analyses N. Loeb
16:35 SOFA Status (Surface-only Fluxes) D. Kratz /
S. Gupta
17:05 Terra/Aqua CRS (Surface/Atmosphere/TOA Fluxes) T. Charlock /
F. Rose
17:35 Adjourn  
Thursday, October 26
08:00 Coffee/Danish  
08:30 Terra SRBAVG Ed2D: Validation/Status [13.8 MB] D. Doelling
09:00 SRBAVG Daily Means, ISCCP Pc/Tau Outputs Status D. Doelling
09:30 SYN/AVG Products D. Doelling
  Global Synoptic Diurnally Resolved Radiative Transfer Using CERES/MODIS and GEOSTATIONARY Satellite Observations F. Rose
10:15 Break  
10:40 S’COOL Education Outreach L. Chambers
11:00 CERES Data Management: Status, Code Conv, Automation M. Little /
E. Geier
11:30 Working Group Sessions All
  Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)  
  Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.)  
  Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)  
12:30 Lunch  
  Invited Presentations  
13:30 ClimatePrediction.Net [31.4 MB] M. Allen /
D. Stainforth (Oxford)
14:10 Hadley Centre QUMP D. Sexton
(Hadley Centre)
14:50 Climate Model Feedback Intercomparison Project (CMFIP) M. Webb
(Hadley Centre)
15:30 Break  
  Co-I Reports: Global and Large Scale Climate Studies  
15:50 Decadal Shifts in Radiation and Convection
in the Pacific
16:10 Cloud Structure Anomalies Tropical Pacific
97/98 El NiƱo
R.D. Cess / M. Sun
16:30 Global Albedo Trends: Cloud Properties and Aerosols N. Loeb
  Error Analysis  
16:50 Ocean Heat Storage and Net Radiation: Cooling? T.Wong, B.Wielicki
et al.
17:10 Atmosphere Clear-Sky Radiative
Cooling & Precipitation
R.P. Allen
17:30 Adjourn  
Friday, October 27
08:00 Coffee/Danish