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4th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – November 2005

November 1-3, 2005
Hampton, VA

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, November 1
08:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome Roy Chesson
NASA Roadmaps/Decadal Survey
B. Wielicki
09:15 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration: SW Revision 1 K. Priestley
G. Matthews
10:00 Break
10:30 CERES/MODIS/MISR SW Trend Comparisons N. Loeb
10:55 Aqua/Terra Cloud Properties [16.27 MB] P. Minnis
11:25 CERES Aqua Angular Distribution Models N. Loeb
12:10 Terra SSF Simple Surface Fluxes [48 MB] D. Kratz/S. Gupta
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Terra/Aqua CRS Surface Flux Accuracy T. Charlock/D. Rutan
14:30 Terra SRBAVG Ed2D: SW CERES/geo time interpolation D. Doelling/D. Young
15:30 Break
15:40 FLASHFlux [15.52 MB] P. Stackhouse
D. Kratz
16:00 CERES Data Management Status E. Geier/M. Little
16:20 LaRC ASDC DAAC Status and CERES Data Use E. Kizer
16:35 S’COOL L. Chambers
16:50 Global Net Radiation Error Budget B. Wielicki
17:15 Adjourn
18:30 Dutch Treat Dinner
Wednesday, November 2
08:15 Working Group Sessions

Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock, et al.)
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)
Invited Presentations
09:30 Inferring Radiation and Cloud from BSRN Surface Obs.
[22.32 MB]
C. Long
10:15 Break
10:45 Advanced HSRL Lidar for Cloud and Aerosol C. Hostetler
R. Ferrare
Co-I Reports: Aerosol
11:30 Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing Combining CERES and GOCART T. Zhao et al.
11:50 AVHRR-like aerosol retrievals with SEVIRI for the GERB processing Brindley/Ignatov
12:10 Lunch
Co-I Reports (Continued): Aerosol, Cloud, Surface Instrument Comparisons
13:30 Spectral Aerosol Forcing from MODIS/MISR & MATCH Assimilation  [17.43 MB] W. Collins
13:50 MODIS Cloud Mask with Prtly Cldy Pixels & CERES vs Ships J. Coakley
W. Tahnk/G. Guo
14:10 Joint PDFs for Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Objects Z. Eitzen/K-M. Xu
14:30 Terra Global Surface Albedo: Web Release and Multi-year Analysis D. Rutan et al. 3
14:50 Preliminary results of the modified along-track scan mode of CERES M. Viollier
15:10 Break
15:30 FIRST – Experiment Performance and Science Results
[10.14 MB]
M. Mlynzcak
15:50 Comparisons of CERES and AIRS window channel radiances  [19.42 MB] F. Miskolczi
16:10 GERB-CERES comparison: progress towards GERB data release S. Dewitte
16:30 GERB-CERES intercalibration M. Mlynczak
G.L. Smith
16:50 Use of CERES data at Valencia Station  [15.44 MB] A. Velazquez
17:10 Adjourn
Thursday, November 3
Co-I Reports (Continued): Radiation Variability
08:30 Radiation Budget of Deep Convective Systems at ARM TWP & SGP Dong et al.
08:50 ERBS Tropical Decadal Spatial Structure & Climate Models A. Clement
C. Mitas/B. Soden
09:10 2D Cloud Structure Change and Radiative Effects During the 1998 El Nino  [13.55 MB] M. Sun/R. Cess
09:30 Comparisons of HIRS OLR with ERBE and CERES H-T. Lee
09:50 GEWEX Radiative Flux Assessment P. Stackhouse, et al.
10:10 Break
Edition 3 Data Product Strawman
10:30 Instrument Level 1B data K. Priestley
10:40 Cloud Properties P. Minnis
10:50 ADMs N. Loeb
11:00 SOFA D. Kratz
11:10 SARB (CRS)  
11:20 TISA (SFC, FSW, SRBAVG, SYN, AVG)  [10.95 MB] D. Doelling/D. Young
11:30 Strawman Schedule B. Wielicki
11:40 Discussion/Priorities/Schedule All
12:10 Action Items, Final Discussion B. Wielicki
12:30 Adjourn