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25th CERES-I Science Team Meeting – January 2002

January 21-23, 2002
Brussels, Belgium

Meeting Summary

CERES Agenda

15th Meeting of the GERB International Science Team Agenda

Monday, January 21, 2002

8:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome S. Dewitte
8:40 Meeting Objectives and State of EOS/CERES B. Wielicki
8:55 CERES-Like on NPOESS K. Priestley, B. Wielicki
9:10 CERES Data Product Status, Schedules B. Wielicki, E. Geier, B. Barkstrom
9:30 TRMM/Terra/Aqua Instrument, Calibration Status K. Priestley, J. Cooper
9:50 GERB/CERES inter-calibration, and Multi-angle target looks using special RAP modes P. Szewczyk (Norman Loeb presented)
10:20 Break
10:45 TRMM SSF Edition2 VIRS clouds, Terra beta-MODIS clouds, and DAO Tskin Accuracy P. Minnis
11:30 TRMM Edition 2 ADM/TOA Fluxes N. Loeb
12:30 Lunch
2:00 TRMM SSF Edition 2 Surface Fluxes D. Kratz, S. Gupta
2:30 Code Changes for TRMM CRS Beta3 F. Rose, et al.
  CRS Beta 1-2-3 vs. Observations (Surface & TOA) Vertical Profiles Mapped with FSW T. Charlock, F. Rose, D. Rutan, L. Coleman, T. Caldwell
3:30 Break
4:00 First tests of TRMM SSF + geo for SRBAVG
D. Young
4:45 S’COOL Observation Comparisons to ES-8 and SSF D. Stoddard, D. Young
5:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

8:30 Working Group Sessions
10:00 Break
Invited Presentations
10:30 GERB: Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget J. Harries
11:15 Hadley Centre Climate Modeling A. Slingo
12:00 Lunch
Co-I Reports
1:30 What CLAMS Tells Us About the Ocean Albedo Measured at COVE
T. Charlock, Jin, F. Rose, K. Rutledge, and Smith
1:50 New CERES Directional Models: Albedo vs. Sol Zen J. Boghosian, D. Young
2:10 Cloud Cover Validation using Ground Based Data T. Berendes, R. Welch, D. Berendes, E. Clothiauz, E. Dutton, T. Uttal
2:30 Ground-Based Arctic Cloud Properties for Multi-year Comparisons to CERES/MODIS Retrievals M. Shupe, S. Matrosov, S. Frisch, T. Uttal
2:50 Initial Validation Effort for MODIS Cloud Results Using ARM SGP Data X. Dong, P. Minnis, S. Sun-Mack, E. Clothiaux, J. Liljegren
3:10 Break
3:30 VIRS vs. AVHRR Aerosols A. Ignatov, I. Laszlo, N. Nalli
3:50 Homogenization of CERES and METEOSAT fluxes: demonstration for the OLR S. Dewitte
4:10 On the Application of CERES data for Climate Forcing studies V. Ramanathan
4:30 Aerosol Direct Effect using CERES-TRMM SSF and AERONET observations J. Coakley, W. Tahnk, N. Loeb
4:50 Trend Detection in Regionally Averaged ERBE Data B. Weatherhead
5:10 Adjourn

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

8:30 Co-I Reports Cont’d
8:50 Temporal Spectra of Terra SW/LW fluxes G. L. Smith
9:10 Convective Mass Fluxes and Tracer Transport L. Donner
9:30 A Simple Theory of Organized Convection and Tests Against Observations D. Randall, A. Cheng
9:50 Radiation Budget Over Tropical Western Pacific Ocean S. Kato
10:10 A First Look of OLR and Arctic Oscillation S-K. Yang, A. Miller, and S. Zhou
10:30 Break
10:50 CERES SSF Clouds and the IRIS L. Chambers, B. Lin
11:10 Cloud Cover Variations Over the United States: An influence of cosmic rays or solar variability? P. Udelhofen and R. Cess
11:30 Long-Term Precision of ERBE Nonscanner Data Products R. Lee, G. L. Smith, J. Paden, K. Bush, D. Pandey, R. Wilson, T. Wong
11:50 Evidence for Large Decadal Variability in the Tropical Mean Radiative Energy Budget B. Wielicki, T. Wong, Allan, T. Slingo, J. Kiehl, B. Soden, Gordon, A. Miller, Yang, D. Randall, Robertson, Susskind, Jacobwitz
12:20 Summary Action Items Barkstrom, Wielicki
12:30 Adjourn

ADM Working Group Presentation

Daytime azimuthal variation of longwave radiance from CERES SSF D. Doelling,
A. Gambheer,
M. Khaiyher

Cloud Working Group Presentation

Validation and Homogenisation of Cloud Properties Retrievals for RMIB A. Ipe

SARB Working Group Presentations

Clear Ocean/Clear Land T. Charlock
SARB Agenda T. Charlock