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CERES-GMAO Validation Project (LaRC network only)

To produce a quick-turnaround observation-based analysis system for evaluating the latest version of GMAO T/q profiles & Ts
(e.g., GEOS-5.X.X FP-IT or otherwise) from a CERES TOA and surface radiation budget perspective.

Presentation Author Document Date
Validation Activity Norm Loeb 01/06/2017
Langley Clr-Sky to AIRS Comparison Xianglei Huang 01/06/2017
MERRA-2 and AIRS comparison (updated) Xianglei Huang 01/11/2017
Updates of Clear-Sky Computations using GMAO Profiles Seung-Hee Ham 03/15/2017
GMAO’s Progress on Diagnosing T2M Biases in GEOS-5 Norm Loeb 06/21/2017

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